League related asks
I didn't see any so I made my own; Send a number to my ask box!
1: Summoner Name?
2: What got you into League? When?
3: Would you go as far as saying League changed your life? For better or worse?
4: Favorite champion?
5: First champion?
6: Least Favorite champion?
7: Who is the most misunderstood champion?
8: Who is the most overrated champion?
9: Who is the most underrated champion?
10: Which champion would you hate fighting against if they were real?
11: Which champion would you hate fighting with on your team if they were real? Which would you love?
12: What champion can you most relate to? If any?
13: Do you ship any of the champions? Who?
14: Which champion do you want to learn more about, lore wise?
15: Roles you can play? Which do you prefer?
16: First role learned?
17: First skin?
18: Favorite skin?
19: Least favorite skin?
20: How much money have you spent on League? Did you ever expect to spend that much?
21: Biggest in-game peeve?
22: How do you deal with toxic players, personally?
23: Favorite piece of fancreation?
24: Favorite League Merch? Do you own any? Do you want any?
25: Favorite League Fan-creator?
26: Favorite Pro-team?
27: Favorite Pro-Player?
28: Favorite website for Info on League?
29: : Favorite song to listen to while playing?
30: Best League related youtube video?
31: Which champion and/or skin do you want to buy next?