Samsung White. World Championship Final. Hype video

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Well TSM actually made it to worlds quarterfinals and took a game off of the eventual champions so idk I think they probably got better?

I think they’ve made it further than the quarterfinals before though? soo
They made it to semi finals in Season 2 didn’t they?

I mean, i’m sure they are better in some aspects, but worse in others.

Idk. Amazing just really didn’t seem to feel at home or right with them. At this point a lot of drama and tension is around the team.

RIP Baylife (I’m super salt I know)


idk if u heard or seen but apparently a new anivia splash was seen at worlds?! :D

While everyone's hyped for World's, i found out something interesting about the Poros' stats: 100k health, 8 AD, 0.66 A.S., and 186 movement speed o.O"

Neato! I wonder why hey need the AD and AS?


brb gonna cry again


Season 4 World Champions - Samsung White


Season 4 World Champions - Samsung White


Worlds 2014 - Imagine Dragons performing at the closing ceremony


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He said he felt better on EU servers and being in his country and with his family and that he hopes to find a better team. (some shade throw imo)

Yeah lmao

I feel bad but just
TSM has changed so much and they keep saying theyre just trying to get better but have they really gotten any better??? They just, changed!